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Antiques have the ability to give you a glimpse into the past. If you have a piece that you are fond of, but are unaware of the current value, let one of our appraisers here at Dolezals S.J. Antiques, Jewelry, Referrals & Purchases in Lincoln, NE, give you an estimate. We have over 40 years of experience in the business and are happy to come to your location to appraise items.

If you have an item you want to sell but are having a hard time finding the right market to sell it in, we can help. Our connections to other collectors around the area enable us to pinpoint exactly where an item will sell at the highest value. From jewelry buyers to toy collectors, we have an interested party available. We take pride in having these connections and always use them to your benefit.

When planning an estate sale, we are happy to come to your location to provide collectible appraisals for a variety of items. With our expertise, you can decide on a decent price for an item and feel confident that you are giving it at an appropriate price.

In the past, we have appraised jewelry, military items, old toys, stamp collections, and many more items. Let us provide you an exact value for your heirlooms. Give us a call today at (402) 423-5656 to talk to a member of our staff about how we can help you.

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When you bring your items to us for a collectible appraisal, we are prompt. We understand that time is valuable to you and want your experience with us to be convenient.


For over 40 years, we have provided our customers with the values they seek. With our experience, we are able to give you an honest value for your most prized possessions.

Jewelry Buyer in Lincoln, NE

If you are an avid collector who desires to know the true value of the items that you have come to love throughout the years, use our skills and expertise here at Dolezals S.J. Antiques, Jewelry, Coins, Referrals & Purchases in Lincoln, NE, to provide you with answers. We have done collectible appraisals on many items ranging from antique children’s toys to military items.

When inspecting your items, we will handle them with the utmost care, careful to not damage them or cause any harm. Our appraisers have many years of experience and will take the number of other items that are similar into consideration when providing you with a value. With extensive background in the business, including auctions we are able to provide you an appraisal very quickly.

When you bring your items in, we will also discuss the history of it and why it is important. Knowing the background of your item allows you to hold a sincere connection to the piece. We are also honest when appraising your items and will take the current condition into consideration, providing you with the highest value that it could be, along with the lowest. We will then explain to you where your item fits within that range. In addition, if we don't buy one of your items, our appraiser will offer a qualified referral and refer you to someone who will. 

If you have any questions or want more information about the specific items that we appraise, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (402) 423-5656.

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Antiques give you a unique look into the past, let us here at  Dolezals S.J. Antiques, Jewelry, Coins, Referrals & Purchases  in Lincoln, NE, provide a value for the things that have sentimental meaning in your life. Call us at (402) 423-5656.
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